Top 10 Innovative Mobile App Ideas for Startups in 2022

December 22, 2021

Leveraging technologies through app development is the next big trend for startups. In fact, startups with the right idea and a robust mobile app have already started dominating the market, especially when you consider that a new app is launched every 14 seconds. Take Uber and Airbnb as two examples. When Uber started, they only had three drivers. For Airbnb, three mattresses. Now that is starting small.

And while you are thinking about your next big project, here are the top ten innovative ideas 2022 leading mobile app development companies in 2022, in both Phoenix, Arizona, and across the country.

Let’s get started!

Step#1 Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps

The cryptocurrency market is booming. The global cryptocurrency market is projected to hit $4.94 billion by 2030, more than triple its estimated size of $1.49 billion in 2020. This projects an annual growth of 41.4% each year, between 2021 and 2030.

While there are already several major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, you can still capture a significant market share by offering a great experience to traders.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Step#2 Homemade Medical Remedy Apps

Miss your grandmother’s homemade medicinal cures? We are sure there are many homemade cures that add value to our health. A simple Google search of “homemade remedies” brings about 2,85,00,000 results, with leading health publications like WebMD and HealthLine topping the list.

This indicates that people are still looking for homemade remedies for common health issues. You can tap into the market by creating a mobile app containing millions of various remedies to solve common health problems. However, when creating a homemade medical remedy app, you make sure that your publishing audience is providing savvy information, and that the remedies are accurate and, at a minimum, provide adequate disclosures. You would not want someone recommending that they eat ten pounds of squash to get rid of a headache. Even if it works… eating ten pounds of anything is going to land you in a hospital bed. You will also need to investigate the laws in your state to ensure your content is not interpreted as a medical advice that can only be provided by a medical doctor.

Step#3 Travel Planning Apps

As the travel industry starts to make a slow comeback, or is inching to the new “normal”, whatever that means now, this is an exciting time to create a travel planning app. However, as people begin planning their next trip, traveling on a budget could be challenging, especially with all the new mandates, passport requirements, travel restrictions, and let us throw inflation in the mix just to be safe.

A travel planning app that allows people to plan their itinerary or choose from multiple destinations based on their travel preferences would be a great business start, especially for smaller, niche markets.

Step#4 NFT (Non-fungible Token) Marketplace Apps

NFTs are the talk of the town. With Metaverse adoption increasing rapidly, we can expect even more people to invest in and create NFTs. An NFT marketplace app allows digital asset owners to sell their digital assets or bid on them. It could be anything from images and videos to virtual spaces.

It is also worth mentioning that the NFT marketplace is backed by blockchain technology that saves everything in the form of a blockchain, ensuring it can never be copied by anyone else without the NFT owner being paid for their work. It is like a copyright, but better since you don’t have to track down who might have used your copyright without authorization. NFTs are non-interoperable and must be stored with the highest level of security, and so long as that requirement is met, providing this type of app service is a niche few will be able to match. You can create your own NFT marketplace app that allows customers to keep track of purchases and even find new NFTs.

Step#5 Dog Training Apps

Dogs are humans’ best friends. Heck, in some households, the only friend. That said, people still need to train their dog to build confidence in them, stimulate their brains, and strengthen the natural bond that exist between people and dogs.
While people used to hire trainers, most of them now want to train their dogs at home. And, trust me, it is not an easy feat. Providing a dog training app that includes learning lessons for dogs is a great concept. Additionally, you can consider adding progress records to enable people to track their dog’s training progress.

Dog Training Apps

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Step#6 Service Finder Apps

If you live in an area that sees large volumes of tourist every year, then a service finder app is a great idea for your business. People who visit your city for the first time will need help with assorted services, such as cabs, nearby restaurants, and more.

You can create a service finder app that allows people to find and book services of their choice. Going to Vegas and wanting to find a great eatery off the strip? You can offer members the ability to add and update cool places to visit. Going to the “toilet bowl” on the island of Kauai? Great, learn more about it from your app. I just would not recommend swimming in it – it is extremely dangerous.

You can also use GPS in the app to determine the user's location and suggest nearby service providers, maps, and even a button that when clicked hails a nearby cab.

Step#7 E-learning Apps

Technology has revolutionized the education industry. Creating an eLearning app is one of those hidden areas that few are considering, but with the rise in home education and learning, trades, trade schools, and internship programs, the demand for all sorts of education courses will only rise during the remainder of this decade.

Make sure to do competitor research and offer more courses than they provide, and of better quality, too. You can also provide on-demand teaching to stand out from the crowd and improve profitability.

Step#8 Subscription-based Delivery Apps

A subscription-based delivery model requires users to pay a fixed monthly or quarterly amount to enjoy a set of services. These services could range from a grooming kit to meal delivery to concert events and movie night every Monday at your local theatre. You can also consider creating a premium content streaming app to offer on-demand movies and TV shows to customers.

Step#9 Security Alert Apps

Security is one of the biggest concerns shared by most everyone, especially when they leave home. Offering a security app is a terrific way to address consumer demand since, once installed, can send real-time alerts to a customer’s phone anytime a sensor is triggered in their home.

You can partner with CCTV providers in your area and build an app that connects with those CCTV’s. So, every time someone gets a security system installed in their home, they will use your app to monitor the camera from their phone. You can also consider sending alerts to users based on movement during nighttime.

Step#10 Augmented Reality Based eCommerce App

Gone are the days when customers had to think twice before purchasing products online. Thanks to augmented reality, customers can now view how the product looks on them, especially for jewelry, watches, glasses, hair, and facial items.

The concept of AR in the retail, eCommerce, and accessories industries is picking up fast. For instance, sites like Ulta and Sephora now allow customers to try different makeup looks, take a picture of their outfit to match the shade, and even learn how to do makeup with virtual tutorials, all virtually, and all from their mobile device. AR-based shopping provides a memorable experience for customers and makes them feel confident about their purchases.

Augmented Reality Based eCommerce App

Final Thoughts

Mobile applications make our lives easier by allowing everyone to take advantage of assorted services. However, the competition is going to be tough with every passing year. Therefore, you need a development partner who can help you bring your idea to market with a robust, secure, and scalable mobile app. Phoenix Bizz is a leading mobile application development in Phoenix. Feel free to reach out to our team to discuss your next big project.

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