Education Software Development

PhoenixBizz pledges to revolutionize the education sector with our education software development services that promote e-learning. In this digital age, your education business needs the power of technology to reach a wider audience, surpassing geographical boundaries.


We understand the needs of trainers, educators, and students to develop technologically advanced education software. We create premium education platforms aimed for colleges, schools, independent education providers, and corporate businesses. Our range of service offerings include:

  • Cutting-edge technologies and resources
  • Expertly trained developers and analysts
  • In-depth experience with federal and state compliance guidelines
  • Clear communications and support

Our Wide Spectrum of Ed-Tech Software Solutions

As Albert Einstein once famously said, "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think." Our goal is to help you and your education business reach a much wider audience. We achieve this by carefully crafting e-learning solutions that make a significant impact in the educational sector. Our custom solutions help meet the diverse needs of various student groups and target demographics across the country, and we are committed to helping you transform the education sector, enhancing productivity, expanding accessibility and improving corporate ROI.


Learning Management Systems(S)

Make knowledge accessible and easy to manage with our LMS's specifically designed for e-learning platforms.


E-Learning Software Development

We design and develop cloud-based software platforms using the most current application development tools.


Custom Educational Mobile Apps

Our educational mobile apps help you extend your educational training, classes and prep courses to learners and students nationwide.


School Management Systems(S)

From fee management to curriculum versioning and management, SMS's expand your ability to compete in the marketplace.

Delivering Knowledge with Premium Educational Software Systems

PhoenixBizz, a leading and award-winning educational software development company, based in Phoenix, offers two decades of experience and resources allowing us to exceed the requirements set by our clients. We offer the following:


Cloud-based Learning Software


Web-Based Training Portals


Language Learning Software


LMS Software Solutions


Gamification Software


eLearning App Development


Multi-platform Educational Apps


Corporate Learning Software


Educational Platforms

What makes PhoenixBizz the Best Choice?

PhoenixBizz assists businesses in transitioning to cloud-based digital learning platforms. Stay one step ahead of your competitors with software that streamlines educational workflows. Our expertise in handling innovative technologies makes us an excellent choice for e-learning software development.


Higher Accessibility

Instructors, trainers, and education providers can make learning easier and more accessible through cloud-based solutions. Learners can save and download the study material for future reference.


Expanded Learning

Education is no longer confined to a classroom as custom mobile apps and e-learning portals allow education and training sessions to take place from virtually anywhere where Internet access is available.


Frequent Course Updates

Say bye-bye to traditional methods of learning by adopting the modern education techniques that enable you to regularly update course syllabus' and study materials, providing e-learners best-in-class educational materials.

What our Clients Say

Our Process Delivery Model

We follow a unique six-step delivery model to design and develop well-planned and versatile educational software solutions.



First, we invest time in discovering your exact project expectations.



Next, we scope every component screen and details associated with the project.



We then develop the perfect code to match the Master Scope Document (MSD).



We stand by our solutions post-launch and provide ongoing support and consulting.



We then launch your education solution via enterprise, cloud, or mobile.



We then perform comprehensive education testing to ensure exact software performance.

Intuitive Education Software Solutions

Your search stops here. Schedule a call with one of our architects by calling us at 623-845-2747.

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Why Hire PhoenixBizz for Education Software Development?

Unlike the sea of other software companies, when you call us, you talk to a real person who is ready to help you meet your educational software technology goals.
Our team of architects, developers, analysts, designers and managers are well respected in their related fields.
Our twenty years of experience allow us to deliver outstanding results to our clients.
We keep your software systems running smoothly by providing regular and timely updates, coupled with continuous security updates.

Pricing Solutions

Fixed Price

Experience peace of mind using our Fixed Price development model. We provide transparent project costs upfront, allowing you to plan and budget correctly.

Time & Materials (T&M)

Choose flexibility and agility with the T&M development model. Perfect for projects with evolving needs, where you pay for monthly programming services, recurring for as long as needed.

Time & Materials with a Cap (T&M NTE)

Combine flexibility over cost control using our T&M along with our Not-to-exceed (NTE) pricing structure, giving you peace of mind knowing the amount for which the project will not exceed.




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Commonly Asked Question

In addition to our awards and accolades, Phoenix Bizz uses a six-phase development model unmatched in the marketplace. The estimated global launch rate of software projects is less than 20%, but at Phoenix Bizz, we boast a 96% launch rate.
We can help you with a wide range of software solutions for your e-learning business. Our services include web apps, websites, mobile apps, custom software solutions, online learning portals, and more.
The Ed-tech industry is expanding, and we create solutions that meet today's high standards, but asking how much it costs to develop custom educational software is like asking how much a house costs. To learn more about cost considerations, give us a call at 623-845-2747.
Every project undergoes a six-phase development process including discovery, developing a Master Scope Document (MSD), coding, testing, deployment and maintenance. Only after an application has been released and is producing ROI do we consider any version and feature upgrades.