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Phoenix Bizz, a company based in Phoenix Arizona, provides custom software development services across Arizona... and the nation. We architect, engineer, design and build custom software applications and mobile apps for small businesses in the private sector for B2b, D2c and B2c.

Phoenix Software Development Company

PhoenixBizz is an award-winning software development company serving all of Arizona. With over $23MM in designs and launched applications and mobile apps, we provide end-to-end development services, including full SDLC, conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping, along with technical consulting, MVP's, Reverse Software Engineering (RSE).

In Phoenix, we have developed applications and mobile apps for financial service companies, biomedical, insurance, manufacturing and automotive sales and logistics companies, as well as custom software applications and mobile apps serving the residential and commercial real estate markets, and numerous B2c consumption companies.

Our systems are used by tens of thousands of consumers, employees, and stakeholders each and every day, and our work and clients have been featured on 1100-KFNX radio here in Phoenix, with other projects being featured on regional news stations, Good Morning America and the History Channel.

Here's a few reasons to consider Phoenix Bizz for your next software development project.

Experienced architects and engineers.
Abreast of the latest tools and advancements.
Unparalleled six-phase development process.
Complete master scope documentation (MSD) services.
State of the art UX/UI design services.
On-time delivery based on sprint or waterfall modeling.
ROI focused for the small business community.
Custom developed solutions using the latest technologies.

Phoenix Software Development Services

Software Application Development Phoenix

Software Application Development

All businesses now live in a connected world driven by mobile and web-based applications, and no business is immune. With these changes come both challenges and opportunities, and at Phoenix Bizz, we sit with you and your team and take the time needed to gather your business deliverables, create prototypes and MVP's, define testing and implementation requirements, all following our six-phase, time-tested process for creating your business solutions. Numerous software options are available for developing applications, SaaS systems, CRM's, ERP's, mobile apps, and a host of other technologies. Simple is hard... so we take the time needed to make sure your developed solutions are intuitive, simple to use and produce the only result that matters... ROI.

Software Product Development Phoenix

Product Development

Phoenix Bizz is an end-to-end software company, serving the small business community across Maricopa County, and product development model is unmatched. It includes a set of processes including Idea Generation, Market Research, Requirements Gathering, Design, Development (programming), Testing, Launch, and maintenance. During each phase of product development, we keep your end strategy top-of-mind, and well beyond "just coding" the solution. We consider initial marketing, pre-marketing tactics, post-launch requirements and more. We do this because we've learned that the application or mobile app is nothing until it is adopted, whether by your company employees, vendors, or the consumer marketplace.

Software Development Company Phoenix

Custom Software Development

At Phoenix Bizz, we recognize the individuality of each company we serve, and we should know. We'ev designed and developed hundreds of solutions, each with its own unique requirements and perspectives. Our team meticulously examines every aspect of your project. We then craft a tailored plan that best aligns with your company's requirements, no matter how distinct or specialized your project might be. We delve deep into various development methodologies encompassing marketing, engineering, research, and development, as well as general management. Our commitment lies in catering to your specific needs and delivering a custom product that precisely suits your company and its deliverables.

Enterprise Software Development Phoenix

Enterprise Software Development

At Phoenix Bizz, enterprise software development refers to the process of creating and customizing software applications specifically designed to meet the complex needs of small businesses with less than 200 employees. These applications are developed to address various business functions, such as resource planning, customer relationship management, human resources management, supply chain management, and more. When engaged in these types of projects, we focus on creating scalable, robust, and secure solutions capable of managing high volume of data, resources, and processes. It involves a systematic approach that includes analyzing the business processes and requirements, designing and developing the software application, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance.

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