Aviation Software Development Services

PhoenixBizz employs advanced technologies to develop highly valued software solutions to meet all your business deliverable objectives. We have been serving the Aviation sector since 2004, designing and developing custom software applications, SaaS', mobile apps, company websites, and more.


Our solutions enrich your business by providing solutions that serve the needs of your customers, employees and third parties.  We build numerous solutions including crew management systems, reservations, avionics repair, maintenance and In-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) systems, to name a few.  Regardless of your project goals, our focus is helping you leverage technology to maximize ROI. Our service offerings include:

  • Reservation and Ticket Management Systems
  • Revenue Management and Yield Systems
  • Crew Management Systems
  • Airport Management Systems

Exclusively Designed Software Solutions

Aviation software plays a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction in the heavily regulated aviation industry. By streamlining processes such as flight planning, maintenance scheduling, and crew management, these systems significantly reduce operational costs and downtime. They also bolster safety through advanced monitoring and predictive analytics, crucial in an industry where safety is paramount. Furthermore, aviation software solutions improve passenger experiences, offering seamless booking, check-in, and in-flight entertainment. For businesses, they provide invaluable data insights for strategic decision-making and market competitiveness. Overall, aviation software is indispensable in driving innovation, efficiency, and growth in the aviation marketplace.


Crew Management Software

Develop crew schedules on the go without setting up separate communications with each staff member, making operations run more smoothly.


Revenue Management Software

Our application development models use advanced LLMs and AI APIs, along with sophisticated algorithms to predict future customer demand and market conditions for superior revenue generation.


Flight Planning and Scheduling Systems

Our custom flight planning solutions provide on-demand resources, flight data and passenger manifests for fast roster generation on upcoming flight legs.


Airline Ticket Booking Systems

We design, scope, and develop easy-to-use ticket booking platforms with numerous filtering and flight leg operational options such as cost, destinations, connections, and aircraft availability, to name a few.

Simplify Aviation Operations with Our Tech-Driven Systems

PhoenixBizz is a leading software development company based in Phoenix, Arizona, but with a reach from Los Angeles to New York City. We use the latest state-of-the-art development tactics and development tools methods such as Agile and Lean, sprints, and waterfall.


Crew Management Software


Flight Planning and Scheduling Software


Ticket Booking Portal


Airline ERP Solutions


Revenue Management Systems


Airline Operations Solutions


Airline Cost Management Systems


Departure Control Systems


Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Choose PhoenixBizz for project success

For hundreds of projects for companies coast-to-coast, Phoenix Bizz delivers. We join the best processes, development tactics, technologies, and people to create custom aviation solutions that yield peace of mind and the all-important ROI.


Technology Reach

Every project undergoes a thorough discovery and project planning. When needed, we also offer market analysis and target audience studies, along with a six-phase development model.


State-of-the-art Technologies

From data mining and artificial intelligence to machine learning, our experts employ advanced technologies to develop software for business success and long-term sustainability.


Continual Support

We include continual support post-release of every project. This included regular functional and security updates, bug fixes, and feature enhancements to ensure the software remains functional, secure, and competitive. This continuous support helps ensure you provide the right customer satisfaction, whether to stakeholders, employees and/or third-party vendors and support companies.

Our Clients

Here Is How We Develop Your Software

We have a six-step development model that ensures on-time delivery of optimized and well-crafted solutions



First, we invest time in discovering your exact project expectations.



Next, we scope every component screen and detail associated with the project.



We then develop the perfect code to match the Master Scope Document (MSD).



We stand by our solutions post-launch and provide ongoing support and consulting.



We then launch your aviation solution via enterprise, cloud, or mobile.



We then perform comprehensive aviation testing to ensure exact software performance.

We stand ready to serve

Contact one of our business architects to discuss your project needs. We're ready to help. Call us at 623-845-2747.

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Why Hire PhoenixBizz as your Aviation Software Developer?

With two decades of experience, we have a proven delivery model that serves virtually every industry across the nation.
Our team is comprised of mid- to senior-level management and developers capable of developing any type of software your company requires.
We follow federal and state precautionary measures to maximize security protocols, as well as in-house procedures for further data security.
Our customer-focused policies and continual maintenance packages allow us to provide timely client assistance post-application release.

Pricing Solutions

Fixed Price

Experience peace of mind using our Fixed Price development model. We provide transparent project costs upfront, allowing you to plan and budget correctly.

Time & Materials (T&M)

Choose flexibility and agility with the T&M development model. Perfect for projects with evolving needs, where you pay for monthly programming services, recurring for as long as needed.

Time & Materials with a Cap (T&M NTE)

Combine flexibility over cost control using our T&M along with our Not-to-exceed (NTE) pricing structure, giving you peace of mind knowing the amount for which the project will not exceed.



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Aviation Software Development: Commonly Asked Questions

We use the latest and most advanced technologies, like LLM and AI APIs, IoT, blockchain, biometrics, AR/VR training, etc.
IoT is a broad technology, and its various subsets are used extensively in the aviation industry, including IoT sensors to collect real-time data on engine health and maintenance, along with passenger assistance with flight status and baggage tracking, to name a few.
Since every project is custom, every price is unique. We offer fixed-price, Time and Materials (T&M), and Time and Materials with a cap (T&M + NTE) model. To learn more about project variables and costs, contact our office to schedule a discovery call.
Yes, we offer User Interface (UI) Design, User Experience (UX) design, Information Architecture (IA), Usability, Wireframing and Prototyping, and Visual and Content Strategies, to name a few.