How UX/UI Is Used By Designers to Improve The User Experience In Mobile Apps

January 18, 2023

The transformation of mobile app development has undergone radical changes over the past two decades. In fact, the concept of UI/UX wasn’t even a term until the 1990’s when the development world realized the importance of what it is. So, let’s begin with some simple definitions.

UX designers focus on understanding the user's needs and goals within a business, and then use this information to create an overall experience that is efficient. At Phoenix Bizz, we employ a number of processes and tactics to achieve this goal using User Journey’s to demonstrate the flow of a mobile app, creating wireframes and mockups, and sometimes prototypes, and testing the app with users to gather insight.

UI designers focus on creating the visual aesthetics of a mobile app, such as the layout, color scheme, white space and typography. UI designers use design principles such as contrast, balance, and design hierarchy to make the app visually appealing and easy to use.

5 Ways Designers Enhance Mobile App User Experience Through UI/UX Design

So, how do designers improve the user experience in Mobile Apps through UI/UX designs? Let’s examine five.

#1. Usability testing: UI/UX designers will deploy usability testing to gather feedback from a sampling of users to validate that the mobile app design is intuitive and easy to use.

#2. Simplicity: Another tactic use is to keep the design simple. By simplifying the interface and reducing clutter, designers can make it easier for users to find what they need and complete tasks quickly.  Sidebar:  As we often say in the office, “Simple is hard.” It might sound as though creating a simple interface design is easy, but anyone with a solid background in this space will tell you it's not.

#3. Navigation: Navigation is crucial for a positive user experience. UI/UX designers use navigation techniques such as clear labeling, intuitive organization, persistent navigation components and consistent design elements that allow users to find what they need and navigate the app with ease.

#4. Feedback: UI/UX designers often times use feedback mechanisms such as error messages, notifications and confirmation screens to provide users with clear feedback about their actions within a mobile app, allowing users to understand what went wrong and how to fix it. 

#5. Personalization: UI/UX designers use personalization techniques to create an app that is tailored to the individual user. At PhoenixBizz, we use modular interface design techniques that allow users within an app to customize the app to their personal preferences, and in so doing, provide a better overall experience for everyone.

At PhoenixBizz, we have deep expertise in these areas of mobile app development, and we offer significant insight and value-add UI/UX design services.

What are some of the benefits of UI/UX design?


#1. Efficient Development

Building a mobile app requires navigating through numerous stages of development. Utilizing UI/UX principles, developers can streamline the process and prototyping early on. This allows for smoother coding and testing, ultimately reducing costs and development time. A well-designed UI not only enhances the user experience, but it also minimizes errors and bugs in the application, saving both time and resources when adding new features.

#2. User Attention

Think about it, who wants to use a drab and unappealing mobile app? A well-designed interface can attract and retain users, yielding increased browsing and engagement with your company’s products, services or operations. Conversely, a poorly designed UI/UX design will drive users away, especially company employees who find the platform difficult to use. Popular apps such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Spotify, and Reddit all share a smooth, intuitive, and responsive interface.

#3. Brand Impression

Your mobile app serves as a visual representation of your brand to customers, whether internal or external. As a result, it is crucial to have an attractive and user-friendly app that not only aligns with your brand values but also facilitates easy and efficient navigation.

#4. Superior ROI

Increasing revenue or lowering costs is what every brand desires. To achieve solid ROI requires investment if you want to maximize ROI within your mobile app architecture. Remember, a user might click the same button within an app a million times. This makes every button, click, scroll or touch important.  If your users like the app and its features, they are likely to stick. This means more traffic on the app and better brand/service promotions. Always remember that a well crafted app will attract more users, eventually leading to more potential customers, or for internal mobile systems, stronger employee engagement.

#5. Usability

Maximizing revenue is always top-of-mind. While investing in app development, can require significant budget, time and resources, a well-designed app can truly maximize your ROI. When users enjoy an app and its features, they are more likely to remain engaged, resulting in increased traffic and enhanced brand/service promotion. This is not only true for forward facing apps like m-commerce apps, but for internal (Enterprise) apps for internal operations at a small business.


A mobile app design that connects with your target audience is crucial. In the same way we present ourselves in public, the design of your mobile app or web application has a similar impact. It's important to create an interface design that resonates with users. Keep in mind that while UI/UX expertise is beneficial, it's only one of many factors to consider when hiring a designer for your project. 

PhoenixBizz has been designing and developing mobile and web-based application systems since 2004. To date, we have designed and developed over $22MM in solutions for companies coast-to-coast, and across numerous business segments, and we have 80,000+ wireframes to back up the statement. Give us a call to learn more about our recently completed projects, read recent letters of recommendation, and to discuss how we can serve both your project and your company goals.

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Tyler Doty

Director of Operations - PhoenixBizz

Tyler directs all project deliverables, from managing his UX/UI designer team to client meetings, problem-solving, and leading the company in the right direction.

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