How React Native Differs From Native App Development

February 26, 2019

At very first glance, it is difficult to find differences between a native location and the one who have created with the Facebook framework. How to react with native work. In fact, it’s not fully native. The framework uses the native platform and particular UI controls for native rendering. It’s orchestrated by a single threaded JS Code. Also, the app is shipped with bundled JS run time so it can be run. To implement IOS/ Android native modules javascript perform with the best leveraging features. No hybrid Web view implementation is employed which makes the RN apps functionality and view cognate to a native product. Let us see some essential points in React vs Native face off.

1. Knowledge

To build a native app, you could scope yourself to expertise in a particular language and integrated development environment according to the OS for the application.  For testing, text-editing, debugging as well as more supporting tools and domain knowledge all this powerful tool include JS or it’s syntax sugar JSX with react native.  And API should be in this packaging. RN is tightly linked with web development technologies that you’ll have to purchase for app building.

2. Development Time and Cost

If you’re devising single for ios or android, The native approach is more arable despite all React Natives advantages. We are conversing about cross-platform app development which equally define additional resource in terms of time and quality work pay. In similar case, RN is super booster for code re-usability code.

3. Documentation

In terms of diverting Swift vs React native and React native vs Android IDE, For all the process documentation is a vital role. Google or Facebook apply wide range of efforts to deliver complete documentation of software. Let’s come to the major points between Native and React Native along each technologies which provides stack of helpful prompts and code samples.

-React native have a small team with limited time and resource and need to make an app for both platforms IOS and Android.
-Native need to make highly complex apps which commute a large structure of the platform-specific code.
-React native can give you advantages of fast build time and features such as hot reloading and live reloading.
-Native can plan to maintain the app over a long term
-React native developers have a strong reaction and web development background.
-Native need to support new mobile OS functionalities as soon as they get released.
-React native perform and look same on both platforms.

Why Should one Consider React Native in Their Business? 

React native is spread widely by using big brands so it will go long far. To keep it short, one must select react native if you want.
1) Your app will be delivered soon.
2) Bugs get solved quickly
3) Tester need less time on test regression
4) The development team consists of only 5 people.

There are too many various factors that calculate on your goal, opening from the compass of your project and finishing the size of your budget. When it comes to implementing the Phoenix Mobile App Development Company is here to take your business to success. The main goal of our company is to fulfill the dreams of our clients. Tell us about it and we’ll build it unitedly. Let’s change the universe for the better.


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