July 2020

What Is Xcode And Why Should I Care?

If you have ever used a Mac computer or an Apple smart phone, then you have been the recipient of Xcode. Xcode is Apple's integrated development application platform, and it has a rich history of accomplishments since first released in 2003. The Xcode platform is robust. not only is it used to develop source code for Mac OS, but also the iPhone OS, iPadOS, the Apple Watch, which uses the watchOS, and lastly, the tvOS. So, if you have a Mac computer, an Apple phone, an iP...

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How UX/UI Can Save Your Software Project From Failure!

If you've ever visited a website and said to yourself "Wow, this site is so simple to use" or "This app is very intuitive", then you have been the recipient of a design team who took the time required to design the application or mobile app properly. In software development, it is ...

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